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Buying Bell Tent

Information On Buying A Canvas Bell Tent

Why Buy A Canvas Bell Tent?
Well, we’ve listed a few of the reasons here, apart from the fact that they are quite simply adorable and will last a lifetime:
– Sustainable product, built to last and not end up in land fill if cared for properly
– Very fast to put up and take down
– Canvas tents help to moderate temperature more effectively unlike plastic tents, so you’ll sleep well in the great outdoors
– Can be erected by just one person
– Stylish, ideal for people who like to stand out and love good quality
– Interior space is more flexible than many modern tents due to its unique design
– Optional ‘Zip Floor’ style bell tent means the sides can be rolled up, ideal for hot summers days when entertaining, multi use
– There is a large amount of floor space, making bell tents ideal for sleeping lots of people
– Compatible for use with wood burning stoves (you’ll need a proper chimney opening making for this however)
– Can utilise as a more permanent accommodation option if placing on a wooden deck (be sure to water & mould treat it though annually to ensure longevity)

Buy A Bell Tent
The Seek Society 'Londonderry' Bell Tent

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