Camp Outs

The Seek Society aim to deliver camp out events with the classic combination of communing with nature, stargazing, and campfires, music and arts, as well as all round earth appreciation. There’s no more excuses, none of the “I’m not the camping type.”

Because we all know it’s a myth that you can’t camp out in style.

Each Seek Society ‘Camp Out’ weekend focuses on a different theme, from photography, camp cooking, conservation to sustainability. The Seek Society team provide professionals and enthusiasts to help campers learn or hone new skills as well as joining in the general seeking-out of nature through weekend camaraderie.

Liken it to a bush meetup, but with other nature enthusiasts and surprise guests such as professional astronomers and up-and-coming musicians who play campfire concerts. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next Seek Society ‘Camp Out’ this season in Australia and the US. Sign up to our newsletter to keep updated as there are limited places available at each ‘Camp Out’ event, be the first to know.