Charity & Phoebe speak about launching The Seek Society

“The last few years have been a long but fabulous road for my wife Phoebe and I. We first had the vision of The Seek Society not long after we met in 2013, I had been writing music and running eco tourism companies in the far North West of Australia for the last decade and Phoebe was an environmentalist for the NSW Government. We were both feeling a little disenfranchised with the day to day and craved change. We were passionate about the environment, and loved adventuring in the outdoors. So we packed up the Defender and went traveling around Australia and then abroad. We experienced so many epic remote locations but were perplexed when we witnessed so many people camping out in cheap plastic tents and utilising other camping wares that would barely last their journey. These adventures inspired us to design and manufacture our own quality camping and outdoor products that may encourage others, even those who don’t like being outside, to enjoy nature and not kill it in the meantime.

We craved good quality items for our adventures, that would last the distance, to use and enjoy in the outdoors and to educate people on the environment and the beauty of it by encouraging them to purchase responsibly … The Seek Society was born.

I started on my MBA to try and better equip us with the tools to run a business which required precise operational, logistics and manufacturing know how. Phoebe and I spent countless nights researching market trends, crunching numbers, and conceptualising products to offer initially, making sure it ticks the environmental boxes. Seven months ago I quit my very cushy job, and we used our life savings to get the business off the ground and do the initial product development. We didn’t want to borrow money to launch the business as it seemed like to borrow initially would mean starting a business walking backwards. After almost four months in, it has been so amazing hearing the feedback around our growing community and people choosing to purchase a little more responsibly and support our vision. Our hand crafted enamel retails just a little more than most “enamel” mugs on the market, though each of our enamel pieces have been lovingly hand crafted, utilising the highest grade steel base and double layered enamel, so it’s truly camp fire, oven and stove top proof. This mug will live longer than I do, and just maybe some of those items can be passed down to future generations, like my grandparents once did. We have an earth aware section of our business, linking our customers and the community in with NFP’s aligned with our philosophy. We wanted to provide the broader community with education about the earth as well as encouraging them to seek more out of life in the outdoors.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing as the last 7 months have been a massive financial adjustment for us. It’s the biggest gamble we’ve ever taken, investing our life savings, leaving behind security, and hopefully turning our inspiration into something that connects with like minded souls.

The next 12 months will be an exciting journey, with many new products being offered, specialised camp out events, including hosting amazing up coming musicians, foraging chefs, environmentalists and conservationists as well as adventure photographers to inspire the community in all things earth and nature. After all people need to experience nature in order to care about preserving it.

We hope this gives you a little taste of who we are and the vision of The Seek Society” – Charity-Rose Turner (Managing Director – The Seek Society)

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