Best Exterior Home Design Apps for iPhone

Best Exterior Home Design Apps for iPhone

Are you looking to revamp the exterior of your home? With the help of modern technology, you can now easily visualize and plan your dream home’s exterior right from your iPhone. Several excellent exterior home design apps offer a range of features to help you transform your home’s appearance. In this article, we will explore the best exterior home design apps for iPhone that can assist you in creating the perfect look for your property.

Houzz (Free)

Houzz is a popular home design app that allows you to browse millions of high-quality photos and save them to your idea books. It offers an extensive collection of exterior home design ideas, including various styles, colors, materials, and landscaping options. You can also connect with professionals in the industry for expert advice and recommendations.

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden ($4.99) 

Home Design 3D Outdoor & Garden is a powerful app that enables you to create realistic 3D models of your home’s exterior. You can experiment with different architectural elements, such as doors, windows, roofs, and facades, and visualize how they would look on your property. The app also provides various landscaping features to help you plan your outdoor spaces effectively.

Dulux Visualizer (Free) 

If you’re specifically interested in exploring various color schemes for your home’s exterior, the Dulux Visualizer app is an excellent choice. It allows you to take a photo of your property and virtually paint it with different colors from the Dulux catalog. This app employs augmented reality technology to provide a realistic preview of how your chosen colors would appear in your home.

Planner 5D (Freemium) 

Planner 5D is a versatile home design app covering interior and exterior design aspects. With its intuitive interface and extensive furniture, materials, and decorations catalog, you can easily create detailed 2D and 3D models of your home’s exterior. The app also offers collaboration features, allowing you to share your designs with others and gather feedback.

TapMeasure (Free) 

TapMeasure is an innovative app that uses augmented reality to measure objects and spaces accurately. It lets you measure and visualize various elements of your home’s exterior, such as dimensions, angles, and distances. This app is handy when planning additions or renovations to your property and requiring precise measurements.


With these top-rated exterior home design apps for iPhone, you can unleash your creativity and bring your dream home to life. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, want to experiment with different styles, or need assistance with color selection and measurements, these apps have covered you. Download one or more of these apps today and embark on your journey to transform the exterior of your home.