Simple living – meet the Ruiz family who live in a tent


Meet the Ruiz family. Saying no thanks to city life and the concrete jungle ...we step inside the Ruiz's home, a tent built by Zac. We have a chat about simple living, going debt free, the non glamorous side to living in a tent and the importance of nature for a small family.   You and your family live in a canvas home / tent,

Simple living – meet the Ruiz family who live in a tent2018-06-15T15:13:58+10:00

Road Tripping Canada – With Ben Leo Davis


In late October 2017 my partner and I decided to book last minute flights to Canada. Travelling by RV we wanted to hit the road with no real plan in mind but to explore the raw beauty of British Columbia and Alberta over the next 6 weeks. Although we’ve travelled many times through various cold climates our journey was anything but smooth. Along the way

Road Tripping Canada – With Ben Leo Davis2018-04-17T12:05:19+10:00

Treading lightly on the trails of adventure with Sera Wright


Sera J Wright is a travel photographer, storyteller and wanderer from Byron Bay, Australia. Her unique style has seen her sought out for work with tourism boards within Australia and abroad, sharing the way she sees the world through her eyes and lens. With a passion for nature, travel, conservation and adventure, she offers a fresh perspective and authentic voice advocating for the environment in

Treading lightly on the trails of adventure with Sera Wright2018-03-21T15:53:41+11:00

Outdoor Adventure Photography with OzShot


Jess Lowis & Alex Spurway are the founders of OzShot, Australia’s largest independent photography publication, which was created to support underrated photographic talent and inspire creators to destroy monotony. OzShot is a publication that is based on no bias, no matter your skill level, or how well known you are, there is always a chance for your work to be published, which we just love. People

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Inspired Living & Adventure with RadLivin’


Olivia O’Connor is an adventure seeker, thought leader, and founder of #RadLivin - a unique festival created to inspire you to do what you love now, rather than waiting for the future. We chatted with Olivia to talk about inspired living and purpose, she's a massive fan of the outdoors and adventure, as well as pursuing your dreams which sounds pretty damn fine with us.

Inspired Living & Adventure with RadLivin’2018-02-15T11:20:43+11:00

Cooking on the road with Natural Harry


The ever-evolving Natural Harry journey began as a little wooden beach-side caravan built from scratch by Fraser a sustainable building designer and carpenter. From the big window of the little caravan, they sold 100% organic plant-based smoothies and raw desserts in their local seaside town of Barwon Heads. Together, Fraser and  Harriet have spent many a sunny summers day, bean bags scattered, umbrellas hoisted, serving

Cooking on the road with Natural Harry2018-01-20T16:36:57+11:00

Seasoning your canvas Bell Tent


Prior to taking your bell tent on your first adventure, you’ll need to do a test run setup to thoroughly season the canvas prior to first camp out. When canvas tents are carefully crafted and sewn the needle on the seam lines leaves a sightly larger hole than the thread itself. As such, with all canvas tents, you are required to season your tent (saturate with water)

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Earth Conscious Camping 101


Phoebe Cox is one of the founders of The Seek Society, and an accredited environmentalist. Being earth conscious in the great outdoors, quite simply put, is her passion. There are some basic fundamentals that seem obvious when camping, but perhaps they aren't so obvious... We stopped work and sat down over a coffee to talk with Phoebe about some practical tips she could share which

Earth Conscious Camping 1012017-11-29T20:27:24+11:00

Women’s Adventure Expo


Sydney 3 December - Sydney Showgrounds, NSW - Howie Complex  The Women’s Adventure Expo is a unique opportunity, bringing together retailers and adventurers with a focus on women’s needs. Featuring dynamic speakers, free workshops, hands on activities, and ... us! Come by and have a chat to the Seek team about all things outdoors and adventure. We'll have our pop up store there, so if you've had

Women’s Adventure Expo2017-11-30T10:17:46+11:00

Top 5 campsites in Australia


Recently Time to ROAM Magazine stopped by The Seek Society and asked 'what campsites in Australia make our Top 5 must visits'? It's a tough question, really, there are so many remote and stunning locations in Australia all of which are outstanding in their own way, but we have compiled a short list of accessible and rememberable campsites to visit when on your next Australian

Top 5 campsites in Australia2017-11-01T15:38:02+11:00
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