The ever-evolving Natural Harry journey began as a little wooden beach-side caravan built from scratch by Fraser a sustainable building designer and carpenter. From the big window of the little caravan, they sold 100% organic plant-based smoothies and raw desserts in their local seaside town of Barwon Heads.

Together, Fraser and  Harriet have spent many a sunny summers day, bean bags scattered, umbrellas hoisted, serving super fresh, nourishing smoothies and raw desserts. Although the little wooden caravan is no more. Natural Harry has grown to include not one but two beautiful self-published recipe books. Both are overflowing with delicious plant-based recipes that look naughty, but are just plain nice. The recipes in the first book are based on the delicious offerings created in the little caravan, focusing on nutrition and good quality ingredients.

We recently caught up with Harriet to talk about their journey, simple living and camp cooking.

1/ Natural Harry has grown from a caravan selling 100% organic plant-based smoothies and raw desserts to two amazing recipe books, what inspired you to take the leap and publish your these new recipes?

I was asked over and over for the recipes for the goodies we sold in the Natural Harry Caravan. I felt writing a book would be a beautiful way to collate the recipes into one perfect package and to share some of my tricks of the trade. That led on to a couple of years of experimenting. Simplifying plant based recipes even further to achieve a balance between simple, satisfying, nourishing and tasty. Hearing from many friends and customers of Natural Harry that their main obstacle when aspiring to a plant based diet was accessible ingredients and complicated recipes inspired me to distill all my learnings from those two years into another book inspired by my lifestyle and what Fraser, and I eat at home and while adventuring.

2/ What’s your best advice to ensure that road trips and camp outs don’t turn into binge eating at the nearest service station?

For a day trip, pack fresh, chopped veggies, crackers, homemade dips, fruit and nuts for the road if you have time. If not, stop at a grocer on the way and stock up on the same things. Always pack it all in a cooler bag or esky to keep it nice and fresh that way you wont be tempted by processed ‘convenience food’ on the road.

If your stay is overnight a bit more planning is involved. Stock up on delicious wholefoods and plan simple, yummy meals for lunch and dinner. I find wraps for lunch a great option and a big veggie curry is always a winner for a camp dinner and will feed many!

3/ Favourite ‘easy to cook’ camp fire recipe?

Brekkie: Tofu scramble from WHOLE by Natural Harry or easy pancakes
Lunch: Veggie and hummus wraps (left over tofu scramble is delicious in a wrap)
Dinner: Super simple pesto pasta

4/ Essential 3 items for cooking when on the road?

Picnic rug – That way you can sit anywhere! (see our hand woven Gypsy Camp Rug for the ultimate multi use rug in the outdoors) 
Chopping board – I love a good wooden one
Billy – The good old fashioned billy, to boil water for tea and pasta!

5/ We are excited to hear that you’ll be launching your Natural Harry store this March in Victoria, can you please tell us a bit more about what’s next in store for Natural Harry!

There is the possibility of a 3rd book, at the moment WHOLE by Natural Harry is only a couple of months old and I am focused on the opening of the little Natural Harry eco concept store which will be a special little space filled with consciously made things, all of natural materials to encourage buying less, but better quality to help us all tread a little lighter on this earth.

Frase and Harriet embody simple living, their home a little beach shack surrounded by veggie patches, gum trees and of course, kept company by their dog, Fred. After the success of the first Natural Harry recipe book, Harriet collaborated with local photographer, Nikole Ramsay and produced a second Natural Harry recipe book WHOLE, which we love. WHOLE by Natural Harry has a huge focus on simple, plant-based whole-foods recipes as well as stunning lifestyle photography by Nikole. The next adventure will be in a bricks and mortar pozzie with so many gorgeous eco conscious wares as well as the Natural Harry Books.

We can’t wait to keep posted on their upcoming journeys and more inspiration for healthy and innovative cooking everyday and when on the road.

Photography by Nicole Ramsay