Christian McCarthy is Wanderingpapa, a man on a mission to explore his backyard the Sunshine Coast every chance he gets. Taking full advantage of the Australian work life balance, Christian spends his weekends seeking out the best the Sunshine Coast has to offer, glorious camping spots and must experience gems. We joined Wanderingpapa recently to get some local insights into camping on the Sunny Coast, talk about having an outdoor mindset, and where to explore on your next adventure in Queensland.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I live and breathe what I preach and my love for packing up the Troopy, picking up some wood, whacking on some classics and hitting the less beaten path is what gets me out of bed in the morning. To live this life, while being a doting father and husband, chilling and exploring the Sunny Coast is an absolute dream. I can sum up my mindset into 3 statements.

Make the outdoors a priority.  You’ll learn so much about yourself and this unique culture we have within Australia.

Everything always works out.  It doesn’t matter if you forget your esky, your food, or your marbles. Everything has a way of working out for the best and these times are what really encompasses the great outdoors.  Let it engulf you and it will provide everything you need.  

Find a new destination monthly. Instagram has a way of giving you a glimpse of what ‘’your life’’ could be. Take control. Set out the priorities for the month and make that getaway fit into your busy life. Work life balance is a skill! 


Exploring and Camping The Sunshine CoastWhat area does the Sunshine Coast encompass?

The Sunshine Coast is small in comparison to most coastlines around Australia, but we deal with it, small yet stunning.

The Sunny Coast starts from Beerburrum and works all the way up to Double Island Point where we hit the Cooloola Coast, aka Rainbow Beach. The beautiful thing about this is that we have all of the best worlds within one. We have the vast hinterland of the Glasshouse Mountains, Eumundi, Maleny and Montville and screensaver worthy coastlines stretching from Caloundra all the way through to Noosa North Shore. To pick a time of year to travel to this magical part of the world is hard however I’d have to say Winter. The rainy season is over and all that’s left is clear skies, bonfires, beautiful sunsets and clean crisp winter days.


Exploring and Camping The Sunshine Coast

Top three camping spots on the Sunny Coast to hit up?

Booloomba Creek.

Booloomba Creek has a special place in my heart as it’s the first place I can remember camping with my family. The creek itself is picturesque (token rope swing of course). The jungle that surrounds the creek is something that only ‘The Jungle Book’ can replicate, and the clean nomad feel this place has is untold for the daily wanderer. It should be up there in terms of must see of any nomad wanting to feel immersed in the wilderness and in touch with what is great about this country.

Double Island.

This place is ridiculous. A short ferry (which costs only $6) from Tewantin in Noosa and your 4×4 is on the beach of probably what is one of the most natural ‘feel good’ feels you’ll ever experience. On your own, with the family or with a massive group of mates, it doesn’t matter. A bag of wood, a 6 pack of your favourite brew and you’re in legit Australiana heaven!

Kenilworth Bluff.

Kenilworth is a gem for the Sunshine Coast, and there is an amazing array of different camp spots around this area and in the back of the hinterland. 

The Bluff for me is dope as hell. It doesn’t matter if you’re there by yourself or there’s 100 other’s camping beside you. The way the bluff is designed is to give every wanderer a little bit of serenity and it delivers by the bucket load. You can camp on the river, on top of a ravine overlooking the creek, or my favourite the ‘4×4 only’ sites where most sites have a private creek running through and nature blocks off your surrounding adventurers! Easily in my top 5 camp spots in Queensland.


Exploring and Camping The Sunshine CoastFavourite National Park? 

The Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast is what adventure looks like. The 4×4 tracks, the pineapple farms that you drive through, the mountains, pictures do not do this place justice. I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for most of my life and I am still finding new tracks and pictures to take!

Mt Beerwah, Mt Tibrogargan, Mt Ngungun, Mt Coonowrin and Mt Tibberoowccum are the majors and most are climbable and vary in difficulty, however, my favourite part about this place is that the drive through the park itself can be just enough. Sometimes a hot coffee and a warm Troopy is all I need.


To follow Wanderingpapa’s journey click here, Christian also offers 4wd adventure rentals on the Sunshine Coast, you can keep posted on adventure rentals here.