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The Seek Society recently had a chat with the talented Fabio Oliveira. Oliveira is a photographer and filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. Originally hailing from a small town in Southern Brazil, he has been working as a commercial, lifestyle and wedding photographer for almost 10 years. He is also the founder and face behind Live Folk (@livefolk) an International lifestyle community of photographers and explores that inspire people to travel and discover our beautiful planet.

Fabio, you’re the creator behind the LiveFolk community. What inspired you to establish LiveFolk?

This is not a hard question at all. I started Livefolk at a time when account to be featured wasn’t common like today and back in May 2014, I was feeling empty in my creativity and I needed something new to keep me inspired in my photography. I think all photographers have a time like that when nothing works and you feel stuck in your creative process. To be honest, I started Livefolk because of that personal moment and there’s nothing better than to curate beautiful images to teach yourself how to produce a good work again. In my case, this worked for sure, and look, this didn’t work just for me, in 4 years, Livefolk has helped hundreds and maybe thousands of photographers around the world to be a better photographer. Each photo we post is a challenge for the community, I normally receive messages like that: “I want to be there”. How great is to push people to think about travel? Even better, they are challenged to turn the ordinary into extraordinary through photography, this is the best kind of feedback I like to see in Livefolk: “You makes me a better photographer, I can’t travel to these amazing places, but I can produce better images in my own country”. I love those comments and messages, this is the power of this community!

What has been your favourite places to explore and shoot through out your adventures around the globe?

Yosemite was the first really awesome place I visited. South Island of New Zealand is also truly awesome! Mount Cook, Lake Wanaka, Mount Aspiring, Queenstown and Milford Sounds are places that you need to visit at least once in life… be prepared to spend more than 30 days there.

Live Folk New Zealand
You’re a photographer yourself, can you please share some advice to capture the ultimate landscape photo?

What I strongly believe and have learnt throughout my career, photography is about light and not gear. The difference between a tourist photo and a photo that impresses is the light. That’s the key, in my opinion, gear does matter but a normal camera in the right moment can capture an amazing photo, better than a professional camera at the wrong time.

I prefer to shoot at sunsets and sunrises, the golden rule – 30 min before and after theses moments is my bet.

Fabio Oliveira at Yosemite National Park

Your home is currently Australia, what is your favourite National Park to explore within Australia?

I really recommend Twelve Apostles and Otway National Park, in Victoria. The Blue Mountains and also some of Sydney’s rugged coastline. Also Tasmania, the cliffs around Hobart and Cradle Mountains, I’ll be planning to visit these places again after Winter. I’m stoked about this upcoming travel…

What one item can you never leave at home when you’re on the road?

Such a hard question, I guess my phone, with it I have everything I need in term of directions, spots to shoot, etc… And if I forget my camera, I can still take great quality photos and videos!

Yosemite National Park

For more information and inspiration on Fabio’s photography and the LiveFolk community please click here.


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