We recently partnered with Our Happy Tribe, a family of 7 from the Northern Rivers NSW, to equip them with a bell tent to shelter them in style during Woodford Folk Festival. Woodford Folk Festival is held annually from 27th December to 1st of January in Queensland, Australia. The festival is held in between the Brisbane Valley and Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland, set in a rural valley surrounded by bushland with plenty of native wildlife and a superb view of the Glass House Mountains from the hill-top above the festival grounds. The festival is just an hour and a half drive north of Brisbane, 40 minutes west of Caloundra or one hour south of Noosa.

Woodford is a true family friendly festival which offers so much more than the best of Australian and global folk music, with unique experiences and immersive activities for adults and kids alike. Woodford offer a range of accommodation options for those looking to immerse themselves in the ultimate festival vibes, including a DIY camping section which Our Happy Tribe were housed in with our Odyssey 5m bell tent.

Camping sustainably at music festivals

If you’ve camped at a music festival before what mesmerises you at some is the waste that ensues once the crowds start to disperse. Broken tent poles, substandard tents ripped and flat on the ground and other fast fashion camping goods such as small plastic chairs broken and left to be put into dumpsters (hopefully some of it recycled if possible). A waste land of goods that didn’t last the distance.

We can do this better… when considering your music festival kit out please consider people and planet with longevity of what you are purchasing. A quality tent to last years is a good place to start if DIY camping at a music festival, along with a reusable bottle or mug and your own bowl or plate to limit unnecessary food and drink container wastage. All of these small essential items can be easily carried around in a compact backpack, leaving you every limb to still dance the days and nights away.

Our Happy Tribe catalogued some of their festival joy at Woodford to share with us: