Setting up The Seek Society bell tent is as easy as 3 simple steps!

We suggest you have a brief read through the instruction booklet prior to taking it out on your first adventure and do a test run setup to season the canvas prior to first camp out as suggested in our bell tent guide. First time setup will take approximately 15 minutes as you’re learning to adjust the guy lines for the first time, but after that an average of 10 minutes. Our best advice is to make sure the ground sheet is pegged in super tight, you’re on flat ground, and that the guy lines are in line with the seams of the tent (this will ensure the canvas is tight and doesn’t bunch) and always remember a hammer.

It’s a simple three step process:
1/ Peg in the ground sheet (start on one end pulling tight and work your way systematically around the circle, smaller pegs for groundsheet)
2/ Put the centre pole in and then the a frame front pole in
3/ Peg in and adjust the guy lines tightly (larger pegs for guy lines, daily guy line maintenance is suggested)

We know you’ll just love The Seek Society bell tents and they’ll become part of your upcoming adventures!

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