The Aztec Camp Rug is perfect all year round, whether you're camping, at home, beach, on a picnic or the trails of adventure. Ethically hand loomed by Seek artisans in India and made using 100% recycled cotton, it is the quintessential earth conscious camp rug for him or her. Featuring rich earth tones and a geometric design, made from recycled cotton, this hand woven rug will be your ultimate companion for your next adventure or for everyday use. Each Aztec Camp Rug is lovingly hand woven and includes a sturdy leather and brass carrier, which simply slings over your shoulder or chest. Easy care, wash on a delicate cold cycle and line dry if required. Suitable for up to 4 people, unlatch your buckles, roll out the Aztec and kick back and relax. We recycle pre-consumer (post-industrial) and post-consumer cotton waste and make them into this eco friendly camp rug for you, it's a win win really!