Spare Bell Tent Pole Set


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Now you can ensure you have a spare or a replacement pole set to fit your 3m, 4m or 5m bell tent. We include our superior quality spring loaded centre and a-frame poles with rubber caps, made from durable high grade steel, in our spare pole pack.

Perhaps you’ve misplaced your bell tent pole set in between moves or somehow damaged your set, don’t worry we’ve got you covered, just select your tent size.

Built to last and not for landfill.



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1 x Centre pole 32mm diameter, strong and sturdy, collapsible
1 x ‘A’ frame door pole, strong and sturdy, collapsible
1 x Bag to fit A-Frame and Centre poles

To fit your 3m, 4m or 5m Bell Tent

Why A Canvas Bell Tent?

  • Very fast to put up and take down
  • Can be erected by just one person
  • Stylish, ideal for people who like to stand out and love good quality, sustainable products
  • Canvas tents help to moderate temperature more effectively unlike plastic tents
  • Interior space is more flexible than many modern tents due to its unique design
  • ‘Zip Floor’ style bell tent means the sides can be rolled up, ideal for hot summers days when entertaining, multi use
  • There is a large amount of floor space, making bell tents ideal for sleeping lots of people
  • Compatible for use with wood burning stoves (you’ll need a proper chimney opening making for this however) and commercial use

Seasoning Your Seek Society Canvas Bell Tent

Prior to taking your bell tent on your first adventure, you’ll need to do a test run setup to thoroughly season the canvas prior to first camp out. When canvas tents are carefully crafted and sewn the needle on the seam lines leaves a sightly larger hole than the thread itself. As such, with all canvas tents and swags, you are required to season your tent (saturate with water) before using as the cotton then swells and closes completely, meaning you will be watertight in downpours.

What do you need to do to season your canvas bell tent? Click here for full details. 

Pitching Your Seek Society Bell Tent

First time setup will take approximately 15 minutes or less as you’re learning to adjust the guy lines for the first time, but after that an average of 10 minutes maximum and can be done easily by just one person. Our best advice is to make sure the ground sheet is pegged in super tight, you’re on flat ground, and that the guy lines are in line with the seams of the tent (this will ensure the canvas is tight and doesn’t bunch) and always remember a hammer. We’ve refined the traditional design of the bell tent so it can be pitched in just three simple steps!

It’s a simple three step process: 
1/ Peg in the ground sheet (start on one end pulling tight and work your way systematically around the circle, smaller pegs for groundsheet)
2/ Put the centre pole in and then the a frame front pole in (place the small plastic cap in peg bag on top of the ‘a-frame’)
3/ Peg in and adjust the guy lines tightly (guy lines are the ropes, larger pegs for guy lines and we suggest daily guy line maintenance)

Detailed information on setting up your Seek Society Bell Tent can be found here.

Caring For Your Bell Tent

To help you maximise the life span of your bell tent please remember the golden rule: Always store your bell tent bone dry! We’ve provided below some details to assist in caring for your bell tent to help it last a lifetime. Click here for full details.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 85 × 26 × 26 cm
Pole Size

3 Metre, 4 Metre, 5 Metre

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