The Black Arrow Co are an Australian bohemian styling studio, focused on creating immersive, relaxing interiors that feed your soul.  They draw on inspiration from nature and travel, and take great pride in creating a space that grounds you and lifts you, all in the same moment.  They recently styled a collaborative shoot for The Seek Society creating the ultimate home away from home in a bell tent, Air BnB style. We chatted with the dynamic duo, Sarah & Jessi, to find out a little bit more about what goes into creating the ultimate indoor space in the great outdoors.

Bell Tent Australia

1/ Styling a bell tent is not your everyday interior, what inspiration allowed you to create the ultimate home away from home?

 We wanted to create a space that was comfortable, cosy and stylish (not three words you would normally associate with camping!) We loved taking inspiration from things we would usually implement in a residential space and translating that to the outdoors! Eg. Layered rugs on the floors, bean bags, textural bedding, cute bedside tables and lamps etc. In interior styling, we are often on a mission to bring the outdoors in, in this case, it was the opposite. We were on a mission to bring the indoors out!

Bell Tent Glamping

2/ Are there any must have’s or do’s when styling a bell tent as the perfect outdoor accommodation? 

Keep in mind that the space is going to be tighter both in diameter and in height than an actual room, so whilst we encourage you to style with comfortable pieces you would happily have in your actual bedroom or lounge room, you have to keep the scale of those items a lot smaller than what you would in your home. Eg. Go for some small timber crates instead of actual bedside tables. This will keep the furniture low and create the illusion of more space whilst still functioning as a bedside table.

Glamping Australia

3/ We love the premise behind Black Arrow Co, drawing on nature and travel to create immersive and relaxing spaces, what inspired you to use this particular colour palette in the bell tent?

We wanted to build a palette that incorporated the tones found in nature such as olive greens, tan browns, clay greys and earthy terracotta. We wanted the colour scheme to respect the natural surrounds of the location.

Bell Tents

4/ Do you have a favourite place to camp? 

Yep… in a villa. In Bali. Lol.

Bell Tents

5/ Finally, what advice can you provide to others out there wanting to style the ultimate glamping accommodation or external room with their Seek bell tent, what are their first steps? 

Firstly, you need to define how you want to use the space both in and around the tent. Is the tent going to be used for sleeping? Is it going to be a games room for the kids? A chill out zone for teens? Figure out how you want the interior of the tent to function, and go from there. Then you can extend on that in the areas surrounding the tent. Eg. You might set up a dining area outside if using it as a bedroom, or a fire pit for toasting marshmallows, or you might decide to add a tyre swing to a nearby tree if using it as a kids playroom! Once you know how you want to use the space, you can go as crazy or as minimal with the decorating as you like!

Black Arrow Co Bell Tent Styling

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Photography by Amber & Rose Photography.