The Warren family sold their house in February this year and hit the road. All they knew, they were headed West!
The past year for the Warren Tribe has been all about family, adventure, reconnecting with nature and spending every day together. Days filled with exploring this incredibly diverse country that we are fortunate to call home. After nine months travelling Oz with their young family they’ve truly settled into life on the road, having found their own rhythm, so we caught up with Kelly, Glenn, and their four children, Finley (12), Marlow (7), Harper (5) and Sunnie (3). Leaving the comfort and security of life in Victoria and venturing into the unknown with their young family, the Warren tribe have some helpful advice for others considering packing up and doing the grand lap around Oz.

You’ve had a big year, travelling OZ with a young family, what did you do in order to prepare for a year on the road with kids before the trip could begin?

The lead up to our trip was very busy preparing the house for sale on the weekends, beginning a new business (One Lazy Sunday) and Glenn continuing to work long hours. We had so much going on that we could really only focus on one thing at a time and what was in our immediate future. Maintaining this crazy pace for the six months before we left, there was minimal planning done for the trip we were about to embark on although everything we were doing was essentially working toward our goal of travelling Australia for the year. The house was put on the market and sold within a week. We felt like our new path and direction felt so right as everything was just falling into place, in amongst the chaos.I had taken leave without pay from my job as an Events Coordinator and Glenn finished up working as a builder (having exited the dairy farming industry six months earlier). We notified the school that the children would not be enrolled with them for the 2018 year and registered with Victorian Homeschooling for the older three children, arranging workbooks, journals and subscriptions to online learning platforms. The caravan was packed with everything we needed for twelve months on the road and following the sale of the house, we purchased a shipping container and packed up our lives!

With regards to planning for the trip, there are so many apps you can download to travel Australia, but for us, my phone’s memory is at capacity, so I downloaded the bare minimum and we’ve used these apps most days: Spotify, ASIC’s TrackMySpend, WikiCamps and FuelApp. These apps were all we essentially needed to find accommodation and record our spending and fuel consumption and listen to music!


Once you were on the road, how did you settle in to the nomad life?

Over the Christmas period, we spent three weeks at Wilson’s Promontory. We found this was a great transition from work mode to travel mode. It was a time that we could all just hit the reset button before embarking on our big adventure.

Once we hit the road, we took some time to find our rhythm, to know at what pace to travel and establish what worked for us. It didn’t take much time to determine how much we loved our new lifestyle, spending every day together and exploring this beautifully diverse country.

We found not booking ahead worked for us, particularly over in the west, so we could really stay and enjoy the places that drew us in the most. We weren’t really working to a strict timeline and it gave us the opportunity to really enjoy a location before moving on. Every now and then we felt the need to stop and spend a few weeks at a location (our favourite places), so that we could regroup and catch our breath.


How did you balance all the kids in a small space with caravan and car travels… was there anything that facilitated ease of this?

I’m laughing at this question because even 11 months in, this is something we are continuing to refine!

In the car, it was all about music!!! We had our downloaded spotify play list and would play the music as we hit the road. The music would generally set the tune for the time in the car. The kids also had school work to do during this time and I would sometimes be busy on my computer, while Glenn drove. The obvious things like taking a break and keeping everyone well fed always made for better driving days too.

With regard to the caravan, generally speaking, we use the caravan for sleeping, storage and meal preparation. Our backyard is generally by the beach or somewhere where there is plenty of space, so the small space of the caravan is almost irrelevant, given how much time we spend outside. We have had times where we’ve pulled up overnight somewhere after dark and we’re preparing dinner while everyone is in the caravan and have found, that it’s just a matter of reminding the children to be mindful of each other in a small space.


Do you have any advice for young families considering packing up and travelling Oz with their kids?

If you can make it happen, then get organised and hit the road! Spending this year together as a family has been the most amazing adventure, a year of making incredible memories. This is a year that we will all look back on with so much fondness and appreciation for what we’ve achieved.


What was your top camp spot along the journey…

Red Bluff, WA

Red bluff is located 125 kilometres north of Carnarvon on Australia’s West Coast. It’s where the desert meets the sea! “Camp of the moon” is situated right on the beach with expansive ocean views from every camp site and accommodation to suit everyone with glamping tents and cabins also available. We stayed here for three weeks and in that time, became accustomed to seeing whales swim past regularly. Positioned on the ningaloo reef, it is abundant with marine life and can make for some great snorkelling (when the swell isn’t too big). A surfing mekka, it brings in surfers from all over the world to surf the renowned breaks in around Red Bluff and Gnaraloo.

This camp site was a real highlight for us. We managed to hire a shack on the beach as well, so we could spread out during our time here. We camped at Red Bluff and would day trip into Gnaraloo. It was so remote and so beautiful…we will definitely return there one day.


Where to from here?

Where to from here? Finding a place to call home and run our new business, One Lazy Sunday. We will be hiring out our Airstream for events, commercials, and styled escapes. Having travelled Australia, we have decided to settle here in Byron Bay and use this beautiful location as a base for future adventures. We have visited this area for more than 20 years and have always been drawn here, so it’s so exciting we are actually in a position to decide where we want to live and make it happen!

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